Tree Root Invasion Perry

Tree Root Invasion Perry

The nutrient-dense soil of Central Iowa is ideal for tree growth, but sometimes, the roots of those trees can aggressively invade into places they don’t belong. Water leaking from cracks in your underground municipal sewer lines can attract tree roots, which can infiltrate your pipes and cause serious damage to the health and functionality of your sewage system. If you suspect that tree roots have invaded your Iowa pipes, our talented team at AccuJet Sewer and Drain Cleaning can help.

Inspecting for Tree Roots

If you notice sinkholes, slow drains, foul odors, or any other symptoms of tree root invasion, our knowledgeable local technicians can diagnose what’s going on inside your pipes using our innovative sewer camera. We can insert our high-resolution camera into your sewer pipes through a small access hole and watch live-feed as the camera carefully snakes through. The footage can help us identify exact locations of tree root invasion and better prepare an effective solution for tree root removal.

Removing Tree Roots from Your Perry Pipes

After we’ve determined where the tree roots are invading and assessed the overall condition of your community’s sewer pipes, we can use our efficient and environmentally-friendly cleaning services. Our high pressure jetting uses clean water to scour away those tree roots, clogs, corrosion, or other obstructions and restore your full flow capacity. If you have older sewer pipes that can’t handle the pressurized water, we can use descaling. Our safe and effective descaling equipment can grind away and flush out any corrosion and buildup from inside your municipal sewer pipes, leaving them ready for repair.

Protecting Your Pipes Against Tree Roots

With your Perry sewer pipes clean, we can begin our trenchless pipe lining service. Through a small access hole in your sewer main, we can send a saturated liner into your damaged pipe. We can move the liner through the pipe, position it against the interior of your existing pipe, and cure it in place. Once the liner has hardened, you’re left with a seamless and durable new pipe within the old one. Our trenchless pipe lining service can save you time, money, and hassle compared to traditional excavation repair methods and keep your sewer system working effectively for years to come.

Keep Your Pipes Clear All Year Long

Following our thorough inspection, cleaning, and pipe lining, it will be important to maintain the structural integrity of your sewer pipes. To help with this, we offer an innovative product called RootX. RootX is an EPA-registered product that we can send into your sewer system. When it comes into contact with water, RootX foams up and strips roots, grease, and grim away from your pipeline interior. Its powerful active ingredients help eliminate future tree root growth and provides long-lasting tree root invasion solutions for your municipal sanitary sewer system.

Contact Your Local Team of Pipe Experts Today

Learn more about our affordable, dependable, and innovative tree root invasion solutions. If you suspect that your municipal sewer system is experiencing tree root invasions or any other type of damage, give our friendly local team a call today. We have the equipment and expertise to keep your sewer system clean, clear, and functioning at maximum capacity.

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