Tree Root Intrusion

Tree root intrusion into sewer lines is a surprisingly common problem. Tree roots naturally seek out the best source of moisture. And they are attracted to the limitless supply of moisture found in wastewater sewer lines. So, roots enter through any joints or gaps in between pipes. And these roots not only multiply but expand as they draw moisture from the sewer line. This root growth leads to structural decay of the pipe and eventual collapse over time. Contrary to popular belief however, there are ways of permanently solving the problem without cutting down the tree.

What Causes Tree Root Intrusion?

Tree and bush roots require oxygen to grow. And they are attracted to the water vapor leaving your sewer pipes. Because they thrive in warm, moist places, the nutrient-rich area inside sewers and sewer pipes is an ideal place for them to grow. Once these roots sense the presence of water vapor leaving the pipe, the search is on. They pursue the vapor to the moisture source through loose joints or cracks in the sewer pipe and widen these gaps as they grow.

Once the roots have moved into the pipe, they often grow into many points, not merely one spot. Hair roots, once small and fine, will develop into large roots that eventually break open the pipe. Eventually they grow large enough to fully block the pipe. And it can be incredibly difficult to dislodge the root or kill it with chemical treatments. So early detection is essential.

What If You Suspect Tree Root Intrusion?

You may have noticed slow drainage or surcharged sewer mains. Also, residential back-ups may occur. These symptoms combined with the presence of large trees (that are close to your sewer mains or laterals) can mean tree root intrusion. Should this be the case then you need to contact Accujet. Act immediately if you suspect that you have a tree root issue or the potential for one. You will need to confirm the diagnosis with a camera-pipe inspection by Accujet. Once we have confirmed that you have tree roots in your sewer, then you will need to have them removed. And then employ a yearly maintenance plan and a CIPP lining schedule.

Prevent Future Tree Root Issues

There are several ways to make sure roots don’t destroy your sewer system. The trenchless repair method of pipe lining, also known as Cured-In-Place-Piping (CIPP) or lateral lining, is most effective. We begin by inspecting the damaged pipe. Once inspected, Hydro Jetting will be used to clean your pipes. This process removes all grease, tree roots, and everyday materials by using high speed and pressure water. Using a heavy-duty power nozzle and operating at 4,000 psi (pounds per square inch), this method destroys all blockages, leaving your pipes clear and working like new. Hydro Jetting is also a great preventative measure for blockages in your piping, in fact, most commercial businesses schedule routine hydro jetting maintenance.

The final step is lining the pipe. So, the pipe-liner material will be measured and cut exactly to the size of the original. Then, the epoxy resin is poured into the liner. Now the pipe-liner is ready to be inserted into the pipe using a process called air pressure inversion, where the pipe-liner turns inside out, causing the resin to bond with the existing pipe. After a steam curing process, the pipe is ready for service.

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