Meet the Team

Our Most Valuable Asset.... "The Team"!

Meet the team of professionals and technicians that make us great! Because we understand that what makes our company a leader in the industry, and a pleasure to work with, is our outstanding team. Our team of dedicated staff, sales, and production professionals are the heart and soul of our company. So we dedicate this page to help you acquaint yourself with the members of our valued team members!



Meet the Team Kyle

Kyle (President)

Kyle is the founder and owner of Accujet. And he presently serves as the President of the company. So his daily duties are mostly in the estimating process and public relations. As a result, Kyle enjoys working with existing customers and potential new clients. He is here to help them fix and maintain their sewer systems. And more details about Kyle’s company and its origins can be found on our “About” page. So click here to learn more about Kyle's story.


He is married to his high-school sweetheart Mindy. And she is also a valued member of the Accujet team. And they have 3 children: a daughter Reese (16 years) and a set of twins Charlie and Cash (12 years).


Kyle is a lifetime resident of Perry, IA. And his family roots extend all the way back to the founding of Perry itself. As a result, Kyle as graduate of Perry High School and he is still deeply involved in the community he is loyal to. Kyle is President of the school board, member of the Perry Jr. Jays Wrestling Club, and a host of other community activities and organizations. So he spends a considerable amount of time and resources giving back to the city his family is so deeply grounded to.


He also enjoys camping with his family, cooking, spending time with friends and supporting his kids in athletics and other school activities. And in a family where all the kids are heavily involved in wrestling, there is never a dull moment in the Baxter household.

Chief Financial Officer

Mindy (Chief Financial Officer)

Mindy is married to our founder Kyle and a strong pillar of Accujet. And she serves as Chief Financial Officer maintaining the financial health and bookkeeping. So You can find Mindy in her office diligently tracking every aspect of the records. And when Mindy isn’t in her office, you’ll see her with a smile on her face along with a happy greeting or joke to keep things light. She has been by Kyle’s side since high school and has been his greatest support. Because of that, Mindy enjoys being able to spend her workday with Kyle and the rest of the Accujet team. So stop by and introduce yourself to her and our staff.


As stated above, Mindy is married to Kyle who she began dating in high school. And They have 3 children: a daughter Reese (16 years) and a set of twins Charlie and Cash (12 years).


Much like her husband Kyle, Mindy is a native of Perry and has deep roots in the community. A graduate of Perry High School, she is on the Board of Directors at the Perry Golf and Country Club and a board member of the Perry Jr. Jays Wrestling Club. In addition to that, Mindy is a staple to the city of Perry and is involved in many community organizations and activities such as the Perry Elementary PTO and the Perry Youth Football Club. Because of her involvement is so many things, she knows everyone for miles around.


Mindy enjoys camping with her family, swimming, golfing, spending time with friends and supporting her kids in athletics and other school activities. And she is a proud mother of 3 wrestlers! Because she was a standout athlete herself, Mindy knows all too well the work it takes to be successful in sport. A top-level softball player, Mindy has passed on her love of athletics on to her children. And on most winter Saturdays, Mindy can be found a local youth wrestling tournament where she can be found cheering for her favorite Perry Jr. Jay wrestlers. As you can see, Mindy is known as a valued supportive presence for many people.

General Manager

Shannon (General Manager)

Shannon’s duties as General Manager are much as the title would reflect. He spends his time monitoring and improving processes within the company and making it run more efficiently. As a recent addition to the team in May of 2021, Shannon has worked to improve the communication and customer service aspects of our business. With clear processes in customer care, these processes have greatly improved our excellent customer service.


Shannon has also worked diligently on expanding our name recognition and market saturation. With plans to increase our footprint, he enjoys the challenge of increasing opportunities for more clients to experience our great services. As an aspect of increasing our service area and services available, Shannon has used his extensive knowledge of marketing, customer reach, and website optimization to increase our presence on search engines and social media. And as we look to the future, his innovative solutions and applications will be paramount in helping us reach our goals for both the company and our many customers.


Shannon considers himself the fortunate husband of a loving wife for over 20 years (Laurie) and 3 great children. Zach (25years), Connor (19 years), and Ella (17 years). He says the support of his family is the cornerstone of his motivation.


A 1988 graduate of Bondurant-Farrar High School, Shannon considers himself a small-town guy and fits perfectly into the Perry community and Accujet in particular. He is a veteran of the Persian Gulf War. Having served 4 years in the 82nd Airborne Division and the long-time owner of his own concrete company, Shannon is no stranger to leadership roles.


Shannon’s personal time is spent with family. He enjoys fishing, playing cards and coaching wrestling to kids of all ages. He began coaching his oldest son at 4 years old and has continued as a club and private lesson coach to this day. Shannon explains it is exciting that he gets to work, fish, and pursue his passion to coach wrestling all within the Perry community. So call us today and learn more about Shannon and our Accujet team!

Project Manager/Video QC/Estimator

Accujet Bio Picture of Paul Brokaw


Paul (Project Manager/Video QC/Estimator)

Wearing multiple hats in our organization, Paul is a vital member of our staff. And as Project Manager he has an intimate knowledge of every project on the schedule. So, if you do business with Accujet, Paul will be a part of every step in the coordination, supply, and management of the project. Because of that, Paul is hear and happy to help you.


As stated in his title, Paul is also in charge of the hundreds of video files accumulated as we document all our work with state-of-the art camera equipment. Which means he logs and organizes the files for easy reference and delivery to our many customers. He also serves as an estimator for many of our projects. Paul has NASSCO (National Association of Sewer Service Companies) and PALP (Pipeline Assessment Certification Program) certifications. So the utility of Paul’s knowledge and experience makes him the center of our process, and we are indeed grateful to have him on our staff. And he is a leader in his field as a result of that training.


Paul is a devoted husband to his wife April, and they are blessed with 6 children: Hannah (28years), Zack (25 years), Seth (23), Trevor (21), Logan (21), and Trey (17).


A Graduate of Panora High School, Paul now lives in Perry and has for the last 5 years. And he finds plenty of activities for his spare time. He enjoys sports, fishing, camping, and just being outside in general. With 6 kids, Paul spends a lot of time with family and friends. So call today to introduce yourself. Thanks Paul!


Customer Care/Sales

Accujet Johnny Bio Picuture

Johnny (Customer Care/Sales)

Johnny is the statesman of our company. And he enjoys caring for our many existing clients and forming relationships with new potential customers. So he is a rare sight around the office because he spends much of his time in the field meeting with people in person. As with everyone at Accujet, Johnny believes in the personal touch when it comes to customer service. Because he has worked in the sewer and pipe industry since 1973, there is no situation he hasn’t encountered. As a result, having such an experienced and well-versed member like Johnny on our team is a welcome advantage. Call Accujet today and let Johnny’s smile brighten your day. And let his experience help you solve all your sewer issues.

Johnny is married to his soul mate Margie and has two grown daughters, Angie (50 years), and Andrea (44 years). And he was raised in North Dakota and graduated from Hunter High School. Johnny’s hobbies include spending time with Margie, visiting his grandkids, and working around the house. He also has a healthy appreciation of cars and enjoys working on them as well. So call today and meet a true professor of the industry!

Business Development/Sales


Lining Foreman

Lorenzo (Lining Foreman)

Lining sewer pipes is a big job that requires a lot of knowledge and experience. And that’s why we are so thankful to have someone as proficient as Lorenzo for our Lining Foreman. Lorenzo is a big guy and enjoys shouldering the monumental responsibilities associated with his position. As Foreman, he works closely with our Operations Manager to make sure he knows where the job is, and that he is properly equipped. In addition to leading the lining team, he takes the time to train his entire crew and sets the standard for all to follow. With a PACP certification Lorenzo is truly a student of his business.

Lorenzo, another native of Perry, is a local graduate and has a large group of friends and family for support. With no wife or kids presently, Lorenzo is an avid car enthusiast and enjoys fishing in his spare time.

Lining Technician

As Lining Technician, David is needed to aid and assist the lining team and other team members with their normal duties. He is in a constant state of training as he observes and is instructed in the ways of Accujet. And as David grows in his abilities and understanding of the Cast-in-place pipe lining business, we look to move him up the ladder to bigger responsibilities. With a growing company like Accujet, opportunities for energetic, young, team members such as David are vast. We are happy to welcome David to our Accujet team and have big plans for him with us.

David is a proud 2018 graduate of Guthrie Center High School. He is presently unmarried and has no children. David’s studious demeanor combined with an equally high work ethic makes him a perfect fit for us. He has already proven to be a quick study and is learning the sewer lining business with lightning speed. He enjoys playing soccer and video games. And coming from a large family with 4 siblings David knows the value of working as a team. So, if you have any sewer maintenance needs, turn to Accujet and meet our newest member, David. Please check out our videos on Youtube

Jet-Vac Operator

Cory (Jet-Vac Operator)

Cory is a Jet-Vac Truck Operator and a long-time member of the Accujet team. He started with our company almost directly out of High School and has never looked back. As a Jet-Vac Operator, Cory is commonly in charge of our many yearly “Clean & Televise” contracts with cities across Iowa. He is well known to our valued customers and does his job with a cheerful and pleasant attitude. Our Jet-Vac Operators are also in charge of the liner preparation. And that is necessary before sewer lining can be done. The “Vac” portion of his duties include cleaning traps, pits, lift stations and other projects that have vacuum needs for sediment or sludge. Cory and his Vac-truck are also capable of Hydro-excavation which uses high pressure water to loosen soil. And that sludge is then sucked into the truck as an alternative to disruptive conventional excavating methods.

Cory graduated from Perry High School and started working at Accujet a short time later. He is not married and has no children. When Cory is not spending time with his family, he enjoys outdoor activities. A car enthusiast at heart, he also enjoys riding motorcycles and hanging out with his friends.

Jet-Vac Operator

Jimmy (Jet-Vac Operator)

Jimmy is another Jet-Vac Truck Operator. And he is an established and valued member of the Accujet team. Because he takes pride in his work and is a very high-quality Jet-Vac Operator. Many of our customers are municipalities across Iowa with yearly “Clean & Televise” contracts. So Jimmy and other operators are responsible for servicing those contracts. Jet-Vac Operators are also responsible for liner preparation. And that is necessary before sewer lining can be done.

The “Vac” portion of his duties include cleaning traps, pits, lift stations and other projects. Such as projects that require high power vacuum for sediment or sludge. Jimmy is also a Hydro-excavation professional. And that process uses high pressure water to loosen soil. Then that soil is sucked into the truck as an alternative to conventional methods. As a result, you are sure to enjoy working with Jimmy and his great customer service attitude. So turn to Accujet and let Jimmy impress you with his skills!

Jimmy is a proud Father to 5 children. And his children are Lindsay (33 years), Jessica (32 years), JT (31 years), Taylor (21 years), and Maylee (14 years). Also, he is a graduate of Hoover High School and Jimmy’s interests lie in motorcycles and cars. And he also enjoys helping family members with different tasks and spending time with friends.

Jet-Vac Operator

Matt (Jet-Vac Operator)

Matt is a Jet-Vac Truck Operator and a fairly-new addition to the Accujet team. Matt started with our company right before Christmas of 2021 and we are fortunate to have him. As a Jet-Vac Operator, Matt services many of our yearly “Clean & Televise” contracts with cities across Iowa. As a long-time veteran of sewer maintenance and lining, Matt is very competent and does his duties with an excellent attitude. Our Jet-Vac Operators are also in charge of the liner preparation that is necessary before sewer lining can be done. The “Vac” portion of his duties include cleaning traps, pits, lift stations and any other projects that require high power vacuum needs for sediment or sludge. Matt performs Hydro-excavation services as well. Hydro-excavation uses high pressure water to loosen soil that is then sucked into the truck as an alternative to disruptive conventional excavating methods.

Matt graduated from Bondurant-Farrar High School and presently resides in Carlisle. Matt is presently unmarried and has no children. He prefers to spend his free time with his family and friends. Matt enjoys all kinds of sports and being outside.

Robotic Cutter Operator


Bert (Robotic Cutter Operator)

Robotic Cutter Operators need patience, good hand eye coordination, and a keen sense of attention to detail. And Bert has these traits in spades. So he enjoys the responsibilities associated with his position. Also, our robotic cutters are operated remotely using a video feed from a camera mounted to the cutter itself. So for someone like Bert, this means his measurements must be precise because there is little room for error. As a result, his diligence and work ethic has propelled him to be one of the best in the industry. Whether reinstating services, cutting roots, protruding taps, or any other obstruction too resistant for Hydro-jetting, we can count on Bert to get the job done right and on schedule. So give us a call and let Bert clear your sewer lines today!

A proud graduate of Perry High School, Bert is deeply rooted in this community and at Accujet. And although he is not married and has no children, he is a busy person outside of work. So when Bert is not operating a cutter or helping the lining crew, he enjoys going to the gym and is an avid sports fan. And although Bert enjoys most sports, soccer is by far his favorite and he rarely misses an opportunity to catch a match.

Camera Operator

Pedro (Camera Operator)

Pedro is a Camera Operator with experience and professional training. And has a keen eye for assessing sewer lines for roots, cracks, misaligned pipes, and a host of other defects. And since we use video to remotely inspect, repair, verify, and prepare sewer pipes for lining, a great camera operator is a must. Having said that, certified camera operators like Pedro are hard to find. And he is proud to be a leader amongst his peers in the field. As a professional, Pedro can launch a camera from the sewer main into adjoining lines (called laterals). So attention to detail here is critical. Because it is common for un-trained operators to get camera equipment stuck inside the lines. But we have no worries knowing Pedro is on the job. He takes pride in his work, and it shows in his performance. So contact us today knowing Pedro will be on the job!

Pedro is one of our many Perry High School graduates. And he has deep roots and extensive family right here in Perry. But with no wife or children of his own, Pedro likes to hang out with friends on the weekend. And as a camera operator, it is no surprise that Pedro is very tech savvy. So when Pedro is not playing video games, he enjoys cars, fixing computers, and fishing.



    • Safety First

      We will always protect our wellbeing.

    • Endurance

      We will go above and beyond all the time.

    • Punctuality

      We will be on time all the time.

    • Think First

      We will think there is no box and always a solution.

    • Honesty

      We will be trustworthy and truthful in everything we do.
    • Team Work

      We will foster productive relationships and work as a team.

    • Cleanliness

      We will be of the utmost clean in our work and appearance at all times.


    We specialize in a variety of services that allow us to inspect, clean, repair, replace, and line municipal pipes with speed and efficiency. So call us if you have any sewer related issue.

    Hydro Excavation

    Using high-pressure water to remove the soil from around your municipal pipes will allow our team to safely and naturally excavate your property. So the cost and mess will be reduced.

    Cured-in-place Pipe (CIPP)

    The use of trenchless technology on your sewer and drain pipes is a way to restore pipe flow with ease. and this will avoid massive excavation.


    Manhole to Manhole Pipe Lining

    Your city’s sewer and drain system needs to be running at all times. So Manhole to manhole pipe lining eliminates the need for excavating your streets.

    Robotic Cutting

    We use industry leading technology to robotically cut and reinstate your pipes from within. And this is safer because human entry is dangerous and prohibitive.

    Jetting and Descaling

    It is essential for your pipes to be thoroughly cleaned with environmentally-friendly techniques. And that's why we have certified professional for the job.

    Cleaning and Televising

    Determining the right solution for your municipal pipes is made possible through effective inspection technology. And it starts with a cleaning and televising plan.

    Call us to schedule your service or request a free estimate today. And we are available 24/7.