Reasons to line your municipal pipes are obvious. And trenchless municipal pipe lining is a simple procedure that allows you to fix a problem or prevent one from happening. So reasons to line your municipal pipes are obvious. And trenchless municipal pipe lining is a simple procedure that allows you to fix or prevent a problem from happening. And pipe lining can now be completed in a matter of hours instead of days, or weeks.

Ignoring your pipes will eventually lead to a major plumbing emergency. And could involve much more repair work. So it is important to be proactive in getting pipes lined. And it is a more cost-effective way to maintain your pipes. So you should consider lining your pipes for three proven reasons.

Trenchless Technology is Faster and Cheaper

One of the best solutions is municipal pipe lining. And it can be performed without digging up a single sidewalk, road or parking lot. So a typical trenchless pipe relining project can be complete in under five hours. Because we don’t need to dig or excavate any area to repair a leaky pipe or improve the aging infrastructure.

Cure-in-place-pipeline (or CIPP) repairs are the preferred method for pipeline technicians. A liner is coated with epoxy resin and pushed through the affected pipe. And water or air is used to expand the liner, pushing the resin into the inner walls of the pipe. Then, heat is applied for the resin to dry quickly. And when the liner is cured, the old pipe is restored to like-new condition.

Trenchless is Eco-Friendly and Safe

There are ecological reasons to line your municipal pipes too. So others will benefit from trenchless pipe lining too. Because using the CIPP process, you make the sewer line repair without destroying the environment or land. And we won’t have to rip up cement, asphalt or streets to make the repair. As a result, if you’re looking for an eco-friendly solution for your municipal pipes, lining is the way to go.

Trenchless Pipe Lining is Efficient

Line your municipal pipes to restore the flow rate and stop wasting water. Debris and scale begin to build inside the pipes over time. And our team can efficiently clear away decades of waste and line the pipes. This will restore the flow rate and extend the life of the sewer system.

Restore Your Municipal Pipes with AccuJet Iowa

For trenchless municipal pipe lining turn to Accujet. And avoid replacing your sewer pipes with destructive, traditional methods. We will complete the job with an efficient, environmentally-friendly method. So Watch our videos



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    We specialize in a variety of services that allow us to inspect, clean, repair, replace, and line municipal pipes with speed and efficiency. So call us if you have any sewer related issue.

    Hydro Excavation

    Using high-pressure water to remove the soil from around your municipal pipes will allow our team to safely and naturally excavate your property. So the cost and mess will be reduced.

    Cured-in-place Pipe (CIPP)

    The use of trenchless technology on your sewer and drain pipes is a way to restore pipe flow with ease. and this will avoid massive excavation.


    Manhole to Manhole Pipe Lining

    Your city’s sewer and drain system needs to be running at all times. So Manhole to manhole pipe lining eliminates the need for excavating your streets.

    Robotic Cutting

    We use industry leading technology to robotically cut and reinstate your pipes from within. And this is safer because human entry is dangerous and prohibitive.

    Jetting and Descaling

    It is essential for your pipes to be thoroughly cleaned with environmentally-friendly techniques. And that's why we have certified professional for the job.

    Cleaning and Televising

    Determining the right solution for your municipal pipes is made possible through effective inspection technology. And it starts with a cleaning and televising plan.

    Call us to schedule your service or request a free estimate today. And we are available 24/7.