Protruding Taps

Protruding taps are the result of service lines inserted into the main in such a way that does not meet normal codes and standards. And these taps often cause blockages, increased inflow and infiltration in addition to a host of other issues.

What Causes Protruding Taps?

Protruding taps are often the result of improper workmanship. And these taps are commonly known as plumber taps or hammer taps. Like if a new house was built and the sewer line needed to be connected to the city main. In this case plumbers tend to just cut (or break) a hole into the sewer main and slide the new lateral into it. And this creates a protrusion of the lateral pipe into the main line. In addition, the protruding line extends to far into the main and causes reduced flow capacity and blockages.

What Problems can Protruding Taps Cause?

Another result of protruding taps is the massive increase in inflow and infiltration into the main sewer system. And this condition is commonly referred to as “I and I”. Inflow refers to the volume deposited into the main on purpose. And infiltration refers to the ground water that makes it into the system through leaks, breaks, joints, and other openings. Because the hole made for the non-compliant laterals is oversized and not sealed, it drastically increases the volume of leakage. And the additional flow can overwhelm a city’s treatment plant. As a result, the treatment of the waste is diminished leading to other environmental issues.

Annual maintenance such as cleaning and televising sewer lines are common in most cities and towns. So protruding taps also create challenges when robotic cameras and other equipment cannot pass. These particular pieces of equipment often barely fit into sewer lines. So, they are obstructed by the taps and cannot navigate past them. And annual cleaning and televising is the preventive maintenance necessary to avoid much more costly repairs later.

How can they be fixed?

When protruding taps are identified they need to be addressed. And Accujet uses a Schwalm robotic cutter to remove the obstruction. The robotic crawler has a cutting bit used to cut through the protruding tap. And that leaves only a small amount of pipe inside of the main. This removes the restriction in the line, allowing it to flow normally. With the main line clear it is possible to use the water jetter to complete the sewer cleaning services as usual.

So, if your city has protruding taps, Call Accujet Sewer and Drain Cleaning to cut them for you. And click the link to watch our videos.



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    Using high-pressure water to remove the soil from around your municipal pipes will allow our team to safely and naturally excavate your property. So the cost and mess will be reduced.

    Cured-in-place Pipe (CIPP)

    The use of trenchless technology on your sewer and drain pipes is a way to restore pipe flow with ease. and this will avoid massive excavation.


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    Your city’s sewer and drain system needs to be running at all times. So Manhole to manhole pipe lining eliminates the need for excavating your streets.

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