Municipal maintenance plans are vital to the long term well being of any system. And planning out the long-term routine inspections, maintenance procedures, and budgets for your municipal sewers may seem tedious at first. But it is critically important to the overall health and functionality of your infrastructure. So When you need to build a municipal maintenance plan, rely on the expertise of AccuJet. We’ve been helping municipalities across Iowa, Eastern Nebraska, and Northern Missouri for years. We help them review, budget, repair, and maintain their sewer systems.

Avoid Costly Damage

A municipal maintenance plan provides routine inspections. And that helps us locate and repair minor issues before they develop into major, costly, time-consuming problems. Using camera inspections, cleaning solutions, and non-invasive trenchless rehabilitation techniques to regularly maintain the proper condition of your sewer infrastructure can help your municipality avoid frustrating, potentially dangerous, and expensive-to-repair sewage backups and system outages.

Help Optimize Operations

Preparing a long-term maintenance plan for your municipal sewer system can also help extend the useful life of your infrastructure. Our camera inspections can pinpoint the exact locations of clogs, corrosion, invading tree roots, cracks, and other obstructions and deterioration. Using that information, our knowledgeable and experienced technicians can provide the right solution for the situation. Whether that means we’ll provide effective tree root excavation services, hydro jetting services, descaling services, pipe lining services, or something else entirely, we’ll put our innovative tools and technologies to work to get your sewer system flowing at full capacity now and well into the future.

Call the Accu Jet Experts for Your Sewer Needs

Reach out to our friendly team at Accu Jet today. We are available via phone or through our online form, so contact us at your convenience to learn more about our municipal maintenance planning services or about any of our other state-of-the-art sewer and drain cleaning solutions. We’ve got the right combination of training, tools, and technology to get your municipal sewer system up and running for years to come. Watch our videos



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    We specialize in a variety of services that allow us to inspect, clean, repair, replace, and line municipal pipes with speed and efficiency. So call us if you have any sewer related issue.

    Hydro Excavation

    Using high-pressure water to remove the soil from around your municipal pipes will allow our team to safely and naturally excavate your property. So the cost and mess will be reduced.

    Cured-in-place Pipe (CIPP)

    The use of trenchless technology on your sewer and drain pipes is a way to restore pipe flow with ease. and this will avoid massive excavation.


    Manhole to Manhole Pipe Lining

    Your city’s sewer and drain system needs to be running at all times. So Manhole to manhole pipe lining eliminates the need for excavating your streets.

    Robotic Cutting

    We use industry leading technology to robotically cut and reinstate your pipes from within. And this is safer because human entry is dangerous and prohibitive.

    Jetting and Descaling

    It is essential for your pipes to be thoroughly cleaned with environmentally-friendly techniques. And that's why we have certified professional for the job.

    Cleaning and Televising

    Determining the right solution for your municipal pipes is made possible through effective inspection technology. And it starts with a cleaning and televising plan.

    Call us to schedule your service or request a free estimate today. And we are available 24/7.