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AccuJet Iowa is the trusted industry leader when it comes to sewer repair and municipal plumbing services across Western Iowa. For industrial and municipal sewer needs, the highly-skilled technicians at AccuJet Iowa can handle any job. From pipe repair and manhole rehabilitation to hydro excavation and tree root invasion, our team works with the most advanced equipment and technology to ensure your sewer lines stay in working order for decades to come.

While our dedicated team can handle any number of Western Iowa sewer line repair and projects, our specialty is municipal maintenance. We’re dedicated to partnering with municipality leaders to dissect the sewer system, build a plan of immediate, future and long-term maintenance and wrap those needs around a budget you can afford. As you consider the aging infrastructure beneath your city or business, think about the proactive steps you can take now to avoid a sewer repair emergency. Get ahead of any pipeline breaks or shifts with regular maintenance from the AccuJet Iowa team.

Whether you’re in need of immediate repairs or want to customize a plan for your sprawling sewer system, here are the Western Iowa plumbing services offered by the AccuJet Iowa team:

Professional Pipe Cleaning Services

When you need to clean the sewer and drain pipes of invasive tree roots, clogs, debris, or other obstructions, hydro jetting in Western Iowa is the safest, most eco-friendly form or pipe cleaning. The highly-pressurized water is distributed through one small access hole on your property to reach the sewer infrastructure. Our skilled technicians carefully control the water pressure to ensure your sewer and drain pipes remain free of damage.

When scale buildup needs to be removed from municipal or industrial pipes without the use of water, Wester Iowa pipe descaling is the best fit. The AccuJet Iowa team will use grinding chains to remove the buildup and scale from the interior of your pipes.

Once the drain and pipe cleaning process is complete, we’ll finish the job with a high-resolution camera inspection. The live video will allow us to ensure we’ve adequately cleaned the affected pipes and give our technicians the opportunity to see any plumbing or sewer challenges that may need to be addressed.

If your municipal drains and sewer pipes have not been thoroughly cleaned in a long time, you may need hydro jetting or descaling services. Your pipes and drains may also be overdue for a reliable cleaning if they routinely funnel a lot of grease, debris, and other types of harmful waste.

Hydro Excavation

Hydro excavation is an environmentally-friendly process that uses pressurized water to remove soil. The excavation method is especially useful during the cold Iowa months when the ground freezes and it’s difficult to dig to complete traditional excavation. The heated water used in hydro excavation can more efficiently move dirt than traditional excavation methods. An industrial-strength vacuum source transfers the soil to a debris tank, leaving your municipal site excavated and ready for future projects. This excavation method is a good fit for a number of projects and variety of soil types.

Robotic Cutting for Your Sewer and Drain Pipes

The professional technicians at AccuJet Iowa uses the most innovative tools, techniques, and technologies to restore your municipal sewer pipes back to full functionality. In some scenarios, sewer pipe damage calls for robotic cutting to restore the system’s use. If your Western Iowa municipal sewer system is showing any symptoms of damage, our qualified technicians can use industry-leading Schwalm robotic cutters to repair the problem. The cutters are carefully inserted into your sewer system, and at ground level, one of our highly trained technicians can maneuver the robotic cutters through your pipes. The cutters are used to rid your pipes of stubborn debris.

If the blockages in your municipal sewer pipes can’t be cleared by hydro jetting, the robotic cutting services can remove the stubborn obstacle. The cutters are extremely durable, with strength to cut through thick tree roots, grind out rust and corrosion, cut out pipe penetrations, and complete other difficult tasks. Robotic cutting can also help prepare affected sewer lines for repair projects. Before pipe liners are inserted, the cutters help prepare the pipe for the job.

Manhole Rehabilitation for Municipalities in Western Iowa

Manhole to manhole rehabilitation in Western Iowa once required extensive and expensive excavation. The work called for municipalities to close streets, local businesses, and create greater traffic for the local community. The job would traditionally require large crews to dig and replace manholes, heavy equipment to excavate pavement, and greatly increase the risk of damage to properties, bridges, streets, and common spaces.

The AccuJet Iowa team has found a way to alleviate the headache, added expense, and community confusion with advanced manhole rehabilitation. Don’t live with the deteriorating manholes that can dilute your community’s sewage, increase your sewage volumes, and make your wastewater treatment more inefficient. Our skilled technicians offer the most effective manhole to manhole rehabilitation solutions in Western Iowa.

Whether your manholes have been affected by shifting soil, groundwater infiltration, chemical corrosion, leaks, cracks, or other types of structural failure, our team can handle the job. It’s important to use to work within your budget, so we’ll complete a detailed analysis to select the most effective and efficient solution for your manhole to manhole rehabilitation needs.

The project begins with our team removing any surface contaminants and repairing any leaks or cracks in your sewer system. The preparation step makes way for our crews to recoat the manholes, insert liners into your sewer pipes, repair the manhole frames and covers, apply sealing and grouting, or provide another type of rehabilitation solution that meets your specific needs.

No matter the solution that best fits your needs, your municipal sewer system and manholes will be reinforced, the structural integrity improved, useful life extended, and ward against future infiltration and corrosion.

Trenchless Sewer Repair Services

Cure-in-place-pipeline (or CIPP) repairs are the preferred method for pipeline technicians to fix a multitude of problems within a pipeline without disrupting the land and lives that sit above it. Unlike traditional pipe repair methods that call for digging and destroying city streets, business flooring or parking lots, trenchless pipe repair with Perma Liner Technology allows our team to make the necessary repairs in a fraction of the time. The AccuJet Iowa team completes the CIPP process in three phases:

  • Camera Inspection: A live camera feed is inserted into one of the small access holes used to make the repairs. The real-time video gives our technicians a clear view of what’s happening inside your pipes and helps locate the exact problem.
  • Pipe Cleaning: Before our team can use the advanced Perma Liner Technology to complete the CIPP process, the sewer pipe must be prepped with hydro jetting or descaling. The clearing away of debris and buildup ensures your pipes lose the least amount of bandwidth. By using high-pressure water, the pipes are clear in minutes.
  • CIPP: A secondary camera inspection confirms the pipes are clean and the CIPP process begins. The Perma Liner Technology is used to complete the CIPP lining. A liner is coated with epoxy resin and pushed through the affected pipe. Water or air is used to expand the liner, pushing the resin into the inner walls of the pipe. Heat is applied for the resin to dry quickly and when the liner is removed, the old pipe is restored to like-new condition with a new lining.

Whether you have a 6”, 8”, 10”, or 12” sewer main, our state-of-the-art CIPP process can bring many advantages to your project. The CIPP process completed by the professional sewer repair technicians at AccuJet Iowa is ideal for municipalities and industrial clients. Your Western Iowa sewer line can be completely repaired without the major inconveniences of traditional sewer line work.

Pipe Inspection

Wester Iowa pipe inspections by AccuJet Iowa are quick, convenient, and reliable. The live view inside your sewer line allows our technicians an accurate view of the problems, so we can develop the best-fitting eco-friendly solution. The health and functionality of your sewer pipes is our top priority, so we utilize valuable pipe inspections so your city, town or business can continue to operate without the annoyance of plumbing blockages, sewage backups, or service disruptions.

The pipe inspection on your property will begin with a thorough camera inspection. Our technicians use a non-invasive technique to reach the sewer infrastructure. After inserting a high-resolution camera into the pipe, our technicians watch on a monitor at ground level as the camera snakes through the pipe. The live feed allows our team to see exactly where an issue has occurred, the condition of the sewer line, and help us determine the best way to solve your issue.

Based on what our technicians find within your sewer line, we may offer drain and sewer pipe cleaning services. We can completely remove the clogs and obstructions in your sewer pipes using either a controlled flow of high-pressure water or grinding descaling equipment. We can also repair any cracks or damaged areas with modern trenchless rehabilitation services. Our cured-in-place pipe lining (CIPP) service is one of the most popular trenchless sewer repair options. It allows our technicians to insert a saturated liner through the small access hole in your pipe, cure a seamless and long-lasting liner to the interior of your pipeline, and build a durable new pipe within the old. Our Western Iowa pipe inspection service is suitable for sewer pipes ranging in diameter from 6” to 66”. Be proactive about your sewer pipes and schedule a pipe inspection now.

Municipal Maintenance for Cities in Western Iowa

The AccuJet Iowa team can design a long-term municipal maintenance service plan for your sewer system. Our team will help you budget for long-term sewer treatment by breaking down the inner workings of your system, reviewing your maps and developing a maintenance plan that will keep the system running smoothly for decades. Our long-term municipal maintenance plans span five years and list specific services, inspections, and other practices we’ll offer on a regular basis.

One of the most common Western Iowa sewer system services we offer is a camera inspection and system cleaning. We want to remove the debris from your sewer pipes and assess the system’s condition. Based on the infrastructure discovered during the camera inspection, our team will offer innovative and cost-effective solutions.

Tree Root Elimination

One common solution we offer based on routine inspections is tree root excavation. When tree roots discover water or moisture from cracked or broken sewer lines, the roots grow toward the water and invade the sewer pipes. Older sewer pipes constructed out of clay or cast iron materials are especially susceptible to tree root invasions. Wester Iowa’s aging sewer systems make it more likely that tree roots can heavily invade the pipes. If left untreated, those roots can quickly deteriorate the sewer pipes and cause breakages that require a lot of time and money to repair.

Our professional technicians can promptly remove the tree roots using hydro jetting or descaling when our camera inspections find that roots have invaded your sewer pipes.

By using our advanced cured-in-place pipe lining (CIPP) trenchless rehabilitation solution, we can reseal any pipes that are left with cracks or holes due to the tree roots. In the CIPP process, our technicians can dig a small access hole, send a saturated liner through the hole, snake the liner through the sewer line, cure the liner to the interior of the existing pipe, and build a seamless and long-lasting new pipe in its place.

It’s also possible to prevent tree roots from invading your sewer lines again. Our technicians will use RootX, a product designed to remove the invasive roots that’s environmentally-friendly for your property. Our expert team can carefully send the EPA-approved formula into your blocked or damaged sewer line, where it will foam on contact with water. That foam can reach the top of the pipe to penetrate and kill the roots.

By applying the product, the dead roots will decay and new root growth will be stunted. RootX is safe enough to use regularly to keep your aggressive roots from growing back into the sewer line and keep your pipe flow at full capacity.

Western Iowa’s Municipal Sewer Repair Leader

AccuJet Iowa is the Western Iowa sewer repair team that can handle your municipality or industrial project. Contact our skilled team today to see which of our services will best fit your needs.

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