Lateral T-Liners

Lateral T-Liners from AccuJet Iowa

For lateral-t-liners turn to AccuJet Iowa to improve the durability and performance of drain or sewer lines. Because cohesively linking lateral lines with main line pipes has many cost-effective, long-term benefits for our clients in Iowa, Eastern Nebraska, and Northern Missouri.

A lateral T-liner is a cured-in-place system that connects the part of the sewer or drain line that goes from your home or business to the sewer main line. And the work is done primarily through an existing access point or cleanout with a one-piece homogenous main and lateral connection liner. As a result the coating on the liner removes any structural flaws from the inside spacers of the host pipe. So what's left behind is a smooth, solid surface. We also make sure to perform camera-based inspections beforehand so we can always use the appropriate method.

Lateral T-Liners Distinct Features and Specifications

There are many features that make lateral T-liners a smart investment. For one thing, the liner creates uniform wall thickness, which helps maintain optimal flow. And some other key features and specifications associated with lateral T-liners include:

  • Fully restores the structural integrity of host pipe so get years of problem free confidence. 
  • Provides long-lasting sealing capabilities that prevent water leakage thanks to Insignia Gasket Sealing Technology.
  • Offers the ability to line longer lateral lines efficiently and that saves time and money.
  • Creates an extension up to 100 ft long into the lateral pipe that further solidifies the two pipes.

Lateral T-Liners have Great Advantages

Extending the life of the existing pipe is one of the top advantages of lateral T-liners. And this fact alone can add up to significant savings over time. What's more, there's no need for traditional excavation work, which further saves time and money for our residential clients.

Lateral T-liners also provide a long-term solution for issues with tree and shrub intrusions due to the added strength. Additionally, these liners create smooth, tapered transitions from the lateral line to the main line, which further optimizes flow capacity.

With lateral connections being one of the most common sources of "I & I" (inflow and infiltration), T-liners offer the best and most cost efficient solution. And keeping I&I levels low will keep lagoons from being overwhelmed during heavy rains and keep your city within DNR guidelines.

Many of our clients also appreciate lateral T-liners thanks to additional advantages and benefits that include:

  • Systems that are compliant with industry regulations and standards
  • Non-leaking connections
  • Wide flexibility with mainline pipe diameters
  • Rapid curing times, often within a matter of hours
  • Multiple solutions available

Trust Only AccuJet Iowa

AccuJet Iowa is the trusted company you can depend on for solutions that are efficient and cost-effective in many ways. As a result, when you rely on our trained technicians to create a smooth transition between your lateral lines and main lines, you'll benefit from our complete attention to every detail. Also our clients in Iowa, Eastern Nebraska, and Northern Missouri benefit from:

  • Prompt arrivals
  • Working with a family-oriented business
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Sensible, long-term solutions
  • Fair, honest pricing

Contact Our Team Today

At AccuJet Iowa, we specialize in client-focused solutions that provide reliable results. When you contact us about lateral T-liners, we'll get you started with an accurate, honest assessment of your pipes and the connecting lines. We also gladly provide free estimates. Contact our experienced team today to learn how you may benefit from lateral T-liners. 

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