CIPP Sewer Pipelining

CIPP Sewer Pipelining

CIPP sewer pipelining (Cured-in-place pipe) is a method of repairing and restoring broken, damaged, or cracked pipes. And it is a quick and cost-effective method of making damaged pipes function properly without digging trenches. In addition, CIPP is approved by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

Trenchless sewer pipelining is the preferred method of restoration because of the convenient process. And failing pipes can be restored with the ability to withstand extreme conditions.

How Does CIPP Sewer Lining Work?

Trenchless pipe lining involves placing a flexible liner impregnated with resin or epoxy inside an existing pipe. And it will fill all the cracks, curvatures, joints, and flares in the damaged pipe.

The process begins by inserting a camera into the damaged pipe to inspect the entire length of the pipe. Then, after assessing the extent of the damage, a liner and epoxy combination is placed inside the original pipe. And this is done without removing any of the damaged parts. As a result the liner fits in perfectly, filling all the cracks and missing parts of the damaged pipe without protruding through the cracks. After curing, the liner forms a tight-fitting new pipe inside the existing pipe. The cured liner is like a stand-alone pipe inside the host pipe and does not rely on the host for structural support.

The trenchless pipe lining is inflated with air and stretches to fit irregular sections in the host pipe. This fills in the gaps where whole sections are missing. The lining is structurally sound and can serve you for 50 to 100 years under normal environmental conditions.

Materials Used for CIPP Restoration

The materials used are a flexible dry tube or liner and a specialized resin. The dry tube is made of felt layers manufactured to the specified thickness. Then the liner is cut to the appropriate diameter and length then sewn concentrically. After sewing, the felt liner is bonded with a layer of polyethylene or polypropylene creating a “contained” lining system. The liner is then impregnated with resin and inverted through the length of the existing host pipe. As a result, it fills all cracks, offsets, and voids.  Once cured and hardened the CIPP becomes a new structural pipe-within-a-pipe. 

Each liner is installed with a specialized resin, which is prepared and tested specifically for the particular operating environment of the host pipe. The selected resins can withstand maximum operating temperatures, high and low pH effluents, and high-pressure requirements. And this enables the liner to withstand the conditions present in the host pipe and provide a long-lasting solution to the pipe damage.

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    We specialize in a variety of services that allow us to inspect, clean, repair, replace, and line municipal pipes with speed and efficiency. So call us if you have any sewer related issue.

    Hydro Excavation

    Using high-pressure water to remove the soil from around your municipal pipes will allow our team to safely and naturally excavate your property. So the cost and mess will be reduced.

    Cured-in-place Pipe (CIPP)

    The use of trenchless technology on your sewer and drain pipes is a way to restore pipe flow with ease. and this will avoid massive excavation.


    Manhole to Manhole Pipe Lining

    Your city’s sewer and drain system needs to be running at all times. So Manhole to manhole pipe lining eliminates the need for excavating your streets.

    Robotic Cutting

    We use industry leading technology to robotically cut and reinstate your pipes from within. And this is safer because human entry is dangerous and prohibitive.

    Jetting and Descaling

    It is essential for your pipes to be thoroughly cleaned with environmentally-friendly techniques. And that's why we have certified professional for the job.

    Cleaning and Televising

    Determining the right solution for your municipal pipes is made possible through effective inspection technology. And it starts with a cleaning and televising plan.

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